I was a high school student when I had a life-changing moment in my life.

I was about to go to the Catholic church when at that time my friend proposed that he wanted to go with me.

However, I was not interested. 

But, when I talked about the truth with my friend, I realized that Jesus has taken away my sins and He gave me eternal life like a present.

At that moment, I have received Jesus Christ and I have met Him.

Jesus Christ was God.

Jesus Christ was my savior.

After that my life has changed.

I have met my Lord through prayers early in the morning.

I have understood the Lord’s mind through the Holy Bible.

I have a meeting of prayer with my friends like brothers at lunchtime and dinnertime.

The prayer is my power and the praise is my joy.

However, I was beginning with corruption after I had been discharged from the military service.

I was dull with my sins.

I pursued pleasure that was not right for the world.

I was feeling empty and I was feeling sorry for myself, so I search for the church again.

Last Christmas, when baby Jesus came into the world to save us from our sins,

I had repented my sins with my tears.

Now, I am going to the church.

When I am with Jesus, I have true joy and true happiness.

I would like to live and follow Jesus every day by thinking of Him and that I will meet Him after my life.

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